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Product Introduction

Tone Shifter 3 Smart Audio Interface is the first audio interface that combined MIDI controller. By simply connecting to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, guitarist can use it for practicing, recording and performing on the stage with software effects.


As audio interface, Tone Shifter can work with thousands of music software such as: JamUp, Bias FX, AmpKit, ToneStack Go, AmpliTube, Guitar Rig, Revalver, Overload TH, WAVES GTR3, Sonar, Nuendo, Cubase and so on.


Tone Shifter 3 has two input and 4 output: independent L&R inputs, independent L&R output and Hi-Fi headset output. It has independent input gain and output level control.


Besides that, Tone Shifter can change tone by foot switches without delay.


Tone Shifter has designed with three useful switching modes (B/D/P mode). In D mode, after long press A or D foot switch to select the previous or next BANK, the tone pitch will immediately jump to the destination BANK. In B mode, the tone pitch will not change until the BANK is selected. The tone switch happens after selecting A /B /C /D in the destination BANK. In P mode, only the A and D foot switch is valid for changing the tone pitch by +1 or -1 which is very convenient to browse the whole sound library when you practice.



What’s more, Tone Shifter 3 can be used as a standalone MIDI controller for most of the gears that with the MIDI-IN input. Even the AXE FX2 and Kemper Profiling Amps can be perfectly controlled by Tone Shifter 3.



The special designed power inputs Jack PW1/PW2 can be plugged by almost adapter from 7V to 18V regardless of AC or DC, +/-poles. That is also a firm guarantee of the reliability. You can’t damage Tone Shifter 3 with an unselected power supply.


Last but not least, It’s very portable to put into the guitar bag. Rock on everywhere!

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