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Lolly is the first digital 3D microphone that is compatible with iOS and Android device.

Rock on with Lolly

Because great sound matters.

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why lolly


The professional equipment is expensive and hard to use.

You have to buy lots of things to set it up.

It's not convenience for ordinary users.

The built-in mic of smartphone doesn't have as good quality as its camera module.

The recording by the smartphone is usually horrible.

meet lolly

That’s why we created Lolly

The portable size gear that can realize high quality audio recording.


Digital Interface

Lolly connects with your iPhone through Lightning/Type-C interface.

Compared with the products that adopts 3.5mm audio jack interface,

Lolly can realize anti-jamming, better SNR and avoid self-excitation.

Besides that, Lolly is powered by phone and don’t need charging or extra battery.


3D Stereo Recording

It can realize 3D stereo recording that let you have immersive feeling.

The sound stage info will be recorded with high precision and full fidelity.

When you replay the recordings,the sound gives the listener the sensation

of being in the space where the audio was recorded.

It’s incredible and hard to express by words.


High Quality Reverb Effects

The reverb effects can make your voice warmer and sweeter.

It is very easy to use. Just press ‘R’ button of Lolly and select the level that you want.

The reverb makes the recording outstanding simply and immediately.

What’s really cool is that you don’t have to be a pro sound engineer.

It allows you to easily create a great sound anytime and anywhere.

Adaptive Recording Orienting

No matter how you’re holding your smartphone during recording

Lolly automatically adjusts the sound stage orientation to horizontal

configuration which is the most nature to human ears


Lolly can provide studio-quality audio recording in a simple and portable way.


Show your talent and the interesting moments in a much easy way.


Now you can connect Lolly to your phone to have incredible sound quality too.


Lolly help you capture this exciting moments with great sound.


more colors more choices



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